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Love Letters . . .



Sharon helped me slow down and smell the roses of motherhood. Spending quality time with my girls helped decrease my stress level and made their behavior a whole lot better.


Parenting is the most important job you can do and the most important mark you can make...Sharon helps keep that message on the front burner with all of the other responsibilities that I face with balancing work and home. It's nice to have someone keep you in check with what is really important.


Most of all, Sharon is a real mother, with real experience and down to earth stories that make the learnings come to life. She is 100% there for you and....shouldn't somebody be 100% there for us moms? Sharon is a true blessing. Her personality, her empathy, her compassion, her stories, her advise, her home practice...awaken the best mother in me while I learn how to make it last.


Thank you Sharon for sharing your gift with me and other mothers. This is where it is at!


Sherian Lee, Sunnyvale, CA


I have taken several classes offered by Sharon, and she has always been helpful, knowledgeable, and resourceful.  She has coached me in several areas of my life, and my life has been better for it.  I highly recommend her classes and coaching.
Nikki Armstrong, Greenfield, IN





I am so thrilled to have come to know Sharon.  When I begin to be critical of myself and my parenting style, Sharon reminds me of the areas that I am doing a great job.   She offers me just the support I need to meet some of my family's needs that I wouldn't have considered without her coaching.  I am a better parent and person for having met Sharon and spent time learning with her!

Trish Stewart, Hinesville, GA




I just love Sharon's coaching style.  Compassionate and oh so very knowledgeable!!  She really has helped me stay accountable to myself and therefore be more consistant as a parent.  And the kids really respond to the positive discipline so much better . . . they are learning lessons and not just going through the motions!  Just like me! 


Sharon is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!!

Lilianna L., Indiana


I really needed a confidence boost and Sharon really helped me feel secure and stable in knowing that I know my child best.  I am much more able to listen to my inner parent and act with compassion and love.  I am more gentle and positive with my child.  By using Sharon's suggested positive discipline I am getting the outcomes I desire without yelling or being frustrated, and even better yet, neither is my child!!


Billy, Wisconsin


Sharon is an inspiration to me.  Her style of parenting makes so much sense.  Her mentoring has helped me to be the parent I want to be.  I'm still growing, but I'm so much closer to where I want to be now that Sharon has been guiding me.  Thank you Sharon!!


Denita R, Wisconsin