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Q. My teenage daughter has so much moodiness, anger and poor impulsive decisions, that it's upsetting the whole family. Where do we start to get our loving daughter back??

Posted on March 7, 2010 at 5:38 PM

A.  Teenagers and their push for independence can be a tough crowd to begin with, then add hormones and PMS.  Ugh!  



One of the things I would suggest is working with her to take specific vitamins and minerals to help regulate her hormones. 

Hormones can make the brain get completely whack!! And because of the hormones working around the clock in the teenage body, their body's vitamins and minerals can become deficient, which can also make the brain get whack. Here is what I have found works really well for many (I'm not a doctor, I am not giving medical advice. I am only offering my experience. If your daughter is on any prescribed medicine, check with a doctor or better yet a pharmacist for any drug interactions):

Vit B Complex - (taken in the morning after eating, every day)

try for one that has the higher amounts, like around 50 mg - 100 mg of B6 (100 mg is better). If it has B6 at that level, then the rest should also be at a good level. I like liquids. They absorb the best. Mix with some juice if the taste isn't great, but most are pretty good.

Calcium Citrate (800 - 1200 mg each day, divided into two doses)

Magnesium Aspartate or Magnesium Citrate (400 - 800 mg)

Vit E (200 - 400 IU once or twice daily)

Zinc (15 mg once or twice a day - take with Food!) also helps with acne.

Evening Primrose Oil  (1000 mg 2x per day, for last 14 days of cycle, or the full cycle)

If this seems overwhelming, I would recommend at the very least:

Vit B complex, magnesium and the Evening Primrose Oil

They help the most with mood and ability to handle stress.

If all the menstruating females in the house get on this protocol, life will have less peaks and valleys.  Trust me!  :)


There are also several other possible problems and solutions. I recommend a trial call. It's only $1 and will get you 20 minutes of phone time with me. We can try to zero in on some specific areas. I also offer private coaching calls and emails. Remember this didn't all happen in one day. It will take time to unfold and find solutions.

It's amazing that, when the right solutions are given at the right time, how things can change!!


Here's a link for you to follow to find out more about coaching options



Here's to family harmony!


All FAQs answers are copyrighted by Sharon O'Sullivan. Contact me for reprint rights.

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