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Q. How do I make nap time easier?

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 1:22 AM

A. A little one who's nap time has arrived can be seen in their non-verbal ques: they are rubbing their eyes; twiddling/stroking your or their clothes, hair or skin; playing quietly; etc., before they make the verbal cues: whining and crying.   Busy little ones may resist heading to the bedroom. Ask them if they would like to be carried to bed or walk on their own to bed. Give them to the slow and even count of 3 to decide. If they can't decide, then tell them you will make the choice for them. The choice is never: a nap or no nap.


If you skip a nap or head in late (if they are yawning, you've gone past the sweet spot of getting them to sleep quickly), your little one is going to be even more resistant, and it'll take days for that little one to accept your boundaries without trying to over-rule them!

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