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Q. My child never seems to sit still and is always in trouble. Is it ADHD?

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 1:01 AM

A. Does it seem that no discipline seems to help?? Sleep problems? Teeth grinding? School problems? Hyper? Non-stop talking?


The latest research shows that artificial colors create inattentiveness and hyperactivity in children. The UK is now banning artificial colors in their food supply.


Why do artificial colors do this? They are made from petroleum! In fact,

- Artificial colors,

- Artificial flavors,

   and certain preservatives:

- TBHQ (used esp. in frying oils - ex: french fries, and is often a hidden ingredient in oils listed on labels, ex: breads and processed foods),

- BHT and BHA (used esp. in nuts, gum, and bakery goods, and also can be an ingredient not found on labels although could be in nuts and as a preservative for packaging food.)


All are made from petroleum!


Yep! That's right - crude oil!


Petroleum is the number one food allergen kids can have.


We discovered this in 2004 - with 2 hyper kids, and we began using the Feingold Program. After eating a 100% clean diet for a week, a very noticeable new calm was in the house. What a miracle! It was as if they had grown up - but in reality, the food that I was giving them no longer contained petroleum. The food I gave them was no longer making them angry and they could now control their impulses. I cleared out my cabinets of everything that was not on the Feingold Food List, and continue 100% compliance to this day.


We also discovered that corn syrup (which there are 12 different names for!) makes them hyper for a good few hours or so. Kids (and adults) can react to other types of food additives (ours react to sodium nitrate), and to foods that have gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) in them. The Feingold Association website is a wonderful resource for helping families with any kind of food allergy. Their researched Food Shopping List shows all these other potential food allergens as well.


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