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Q. How do I become a more effective parent?

Posted on May 8, 2009 at 12:11 AM

A. There are over 105,000 parenting books at Americans love parenting books, but books can only bring us so far in our understanding, and they take time to read, digest and implement. Hands-on experiential, interactive learning opportunities are how humans learn best. But where and how? Suddenly we find ourselves feeling like we are the lone ones, not sure if we'll find acceptance of our fledgling attempts to make changes. What you could really use to feel supported is a community that is going through the same changes right along with you.


And that is perhaps how you found your way to this website. Parent coaching and group teleclasses are the perfect way to begin this next step on your journey through parenthood.


Building new habits and new ways of thinking takes time and dedication. There will be times of responding to stressful moments in the old ways, but you will know there is a better way and you will know that you'll strive towards that the next time around. Hug and reconnect with your children when you have less than stellar moments with them.

It takes practice, patience and forgiving yourself.


It takes outside support to make these changes and make them stick.

Personal parent coaching, group teleclasses, and home study programs provide you with that support. This support enhances your natural strengths, skills, resources, and creativity that you already have. This support will not judge you, and will not guilt or shame you. It provides an objective perspective and a multitude of ways to reconnect with your True Self and your True Parent within. Your happiness and the happiness of your children starts now.


I wish for you to know the joy and peace that I have found being a parent. I look forward to helping you find that joy and peace that you so desire!


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